Our goal is to provide you with not just the answers but a clear and concise explanations that help you navigate our services and how we operate. We look forward to serving you even better through this FAQ.

We are based in Northern NJ and service most of NJ and NY, including Long Island. We do travel and have served loyal clients in CT, DE and beyond.

We are proudly a fully insured company. If you or your venue needs a certificate of insurance please be sure to request that after your booking has been confirmed.
Every single creation is custom designed for that specific client at that specific place. If you are not looking to have something custom designed , please see our ‘book the look’ collection , which has some pre-curated sets to select with package pricing. Otherwise, feel free to submit your inspiration during the booking process and we will quote your desired custom design.

Please complete the inquiry form here or found beside each respective service on the website.

If booking a ready to order service, you are welcome to self schedule using the calendar and secure with a deposit.

Delivery is calculated at the rate of $4 per mile from 07032 HQ to venue and Venue back to HQ. Additional fees may be based on time/scale of your request. In these cases delivery likely is a flat rate including tolls by zone and trucking needs, if necessary.

Delivery rates start at $60 for NJ and $150 for NY.

Installation is a percentage (starting at 15%) of total service based on the complexity of the install and time given on site.
On peak days (Friday-Sunday) our installation service minimum is $650 before delivery in NNJ and $1000 for NYC and surrounding boroughs. On weekdays (M-Th) our minimums is $500 before delivery.

Mockups are not a deliverable item when booking a service. We may use mockups internally to organize our clients and our weekly projects but these are not assumed to be shared with the client and we don’t design a mockup for every single booking. Only detailed consultation clients receive one mockup with their service. Otherwise, if you would like a mockup for your event , Clients can receive one mockup for $75 with their service.

We always guarantee the weekend, but know they’ll last longer. We’ve had clients reuse or recycle their grab and go garlands for weeks, even months. We use the highest grade latex on the market. If balloons are in a temperature regulated space (comfortably at around 72degrees F) and not directly in front to a fan, door, air conditioner , or heater balloon can be expected to last weeks looking just as good as we left them. Some balloons may deflate with time but it won’t be anything you can just cut off or simply ignore. In warmer temperatures and longer periods of time , you can expect your balloons to begin oxidizing and appear to have a velvet finish. There’s nothing wrong with them, just a part of the process.
You can have balloon decor placed outdoors but it must be placed in a shaded area and not in direct sunlight. We ask that all outdoor installations be completed by noon during the months of May-Aug. Balloons by nature are a disposable item, they will pop if in extreme heat or direct sunlight. If you have no choice but to expose your balloons to those conditions please choose the lightest colors possible as darker shades will attract the sunlight even more.
For several years we’ve consistently sold out dates and slots about 3 months in advance. Meaning in January we are talking to clients for March. Our busiest season is summertime and quickest sold out time from is early May-late June. We advise that once you have a venue date, you should begin the booking process to ensure availability is secured. We can work out more detailed info as we near the 3-4 month mark.
We always want to help , especially if you are calling us in a time of need. Although we try, it’s not always possible. Some weeks have heavy production levels and we cannot accommodate. We recommend you send us an inquiry and follow up with a separate email to [email protected] with the subject – ‘LAST MINUTE , CAN YOU HELP?’ to expedite the review.

Cancellation with 30 Days or More Notice:

If you choose to cancel your order with 30 days or more notice before the scheduled event, your full balance will be transferrable to another date of your choice in the future 12 months, subject to availability.

Cancellation with 29-14 Days Notice:

If you choose to cancel your order with a notice of 14 days or more before the scheduled event date, 75% of your full balance will be transferrable to another available date. This transferable amount can be applied to a future booking within 6months

Cancellation with Less than 14 Days Notice:

If you cancel your order with less than 14 days notice but more than 3 days notice before the scheduled event, 50% of the total payment will be forfeited, and the remaining balance will be transferrable to another date within 6months, subject to availability.

Cancellation with 3 Days or Less Notice:

Cancellations made within 3 days or less before the scheduled event will result in the complete loss of the payment. No refunds or transfers will be provided in this case.

Transferring to Another Date:

In the event of a cancellation, the transferrable balance can be applied to another date within a reasonable timeframe, subject to availability. If the rescheduled event involves additional costs, the client will be responsible for covering the difference.

Request for Transfer:

To initiate the transfer process, please contact us as soon as possible. The availability of alternative dates will be confirmed, and any necessary adjustments to the balance will be communicated.

We do not return to the event site after we set up. If we have to pickup our items needed for your setup, we will return only to do that. The client is responsible to take or dispose of the balloons. Breaking down and cleaning up the the entire setup is called STRIKING. There is a separate fee of $250 before midnight and $350 for after hour strikes. If this is a service your interested in or need, please note this request when booking.
We like to install our garlands directly onto panels and backdrop props. If we need to install directly onto the venue/home wall we use all preventive measures to ensure damage-free hanging. We use damage free 3m command hooks and where necessary to your tape, we ensure to put painters tape before it to protect the surface.

Absolutely! We offer foil only installations upon request. Please ask us for those options via inquiry form.

-Preferred Method – Zelle, info will be on invoice

-Checks made payable from businesses only

-Option to pay via credit card on invoicing available with 4% fee added to your total

Yes please scroll to the bottom for more info and waitlist.


Do you wonder what the length of balloons looks like? What is 5 ft exactly? Not sure what size you need? No worries, We’ve got you covered!

5 fT.

8 fT.

10 fT.

12 fT.

We recommend a minimum of 12 ft garland to go over a single door or single 8ft panel and 16ft for a double door. If you are unsure, send us a picture with the measurement of the space and we can help- Please note any garland under 12ft is not available for delivery and installation. Please see Grab and Go


Best way to contact us

If inquiring for services please complete the form first, you will be instructed to do so before a quote can be generated

(201) 873-5141


Tuesday – Thursday 8 am – 8 pm

Please allow us 48 business hours to respond 🙂 Email is the best form of contact , but available to you anyway you find it easier to order balloons!

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